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Branchview Synopsis

Brian Jay Nelson

Branch view

Branchview house
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In the lush green acres of the Connecticut seaside is the elegant family estate Branchview. Steven Spencer paranormal novelist is beckoned to the manor after receiving a mysterious message on his computer screen.

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Once there, he is confronted with some hidden secrets, thereby bringing Loraine Spencer, his lovely life partner, to the estate. Steven soon discovers he is the illegitimate child of the matriarch Penelope Locke Branch.

Soon after the Spencer’s arrival, they found themselves entangled in the family’s centuries-old struggle with witchcraft, and a Satanic cult called the Secret Society. When two witches return from the dead intending to destroy the Branch family and steal their fortune, all hell breaks loose. The nearby town of Lockport suffers from the plot, losing innocent casualties.

The couple seeks outside help from Loraine’s mentor Dr. Sheila Grayson, who is a Grand Witch of White Magic, and they find unexpected help from the immortal mermaid goddess Amphitrite, who oversees her aquatic kingdom from the nearby beach at Lighthouse Point. She in return is forced to take on the human guise of Dr. Amy Seagraves. Amphitrite’s estranged husband Poseidon, and the God Zeus also become allies when their arch-nemesis Hades joins forces with the witches, and the Secret Society to gain control of Branch Consolidated Enterprises.

Behind the scenes is a larger plot by the Secret Society to overthrow the U.S. Government and eventually establish a World Rule. This sets the wheels in motion for an inevitable showdown on the expansive grounds at Branchview. One in which the forces of good and evil supernaturally clash on the heels of a massive Hurricane brewing offshore in the Atlantic.

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