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My name is Lizzy McNett. Writers Publishing House is the writing and communications company I started and run. When reaching out to speak with someone, you get me. I much prefer to hear about your work, ideas, and goals rather than to talk about my background. However, I understand wanting to get a sense of who I am before we connect. Great! Because I am here to write or publish for you. It’s not my book we are talking about, it’s yours.

What I Do!
I specialize in writing, editing, creating visual and digital content solutions for organizations and individuals wanting to tell their story. We all have a story or a business idea to share with the world.

My writing includes everything from historical fiction to digital technology, business mapping, non-fiction, and biographies. I love working with business people, and individuals of all kinds to make their writing or publishing dreams accessible and engaging for any interested party.

My Newest Release.......

IAuthor – Social Media Marketing Guide

The best marketing campaigns are those that revolve around product solicitation. As an example, Walmart markets as a discount retailer with ‘everyday low prices.’ A company does not create a marketing strategy from scratch; they start with the value proposition and distill the campaign from those messages. 

The basics behind ‘IAuthor’ is all about matching the customer’s needs to the right product or services. Proper marketing eliminates the struggle to find your potential customer. When a business owner creates content designed to address the consumer’s needs it will attract qualified prospects, along with the ability to build trust based on compatible interests.

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Lizzy McNett

Lizzy McNett

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Released November 14, 2020 (94,056 visitors/day)

We Bring Restoration to Our Own Life When We Share the Message of Hope With Others

It is imperative that we learn to practice the law of forgiveness, because it draws on new life. When we learn to surrender to its foundation, we draw on the power of strength from God, the divine source to expel the old. By holding onto thoughts of unhappiness, guilt, and shame causes inharmony to exist in our lives. Once new light is born in the conscious, it gives way to old errors; they lose their grasp and fall away. You must learn to accept the falling away of old. The presence of new is the outworking of God’s law in your life. 

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Anna provides it all as if you are in the saddle along for the journey. Her rare books bring the readers joy from nearly every genre they can appreciate. She exuberantly brings the image and sentiments of the west to full life throughout the storyline. Yet, at the core of Judd’s work is a black stallion who engages life into every aspect of the book. Haystack fills children’s mind with wonder as he interacts with Marshal Spur and the Outrider Gang, to the mild minored young steed who brings Adam to new levels of learning in his life. Then he is brilliantly portrayed as a beautiful Appaloosa stallion in the Broncobusters as Cash.

“Anyone who raises himself up will be humbled, and anyone who humbles himself will be raised up.” Matthew 23: 1

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Author - Garfield Chikuse


“I would like to sincerely thank my editor and my publisher, Lizzy McNett and her team at Ghost Writer Media for her expert advice and encouragement during the entire process of the book production. Her creativity and innovation can be seen in the design of the front and back cover, as well as her insights in the design of the book itself. Without her support, the idea to write this book will be stillborn. Thank you for being patient with me as I prepared the draft.”  Africa, Zimbabwe