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Getting Out Alive

We Bring Restoration to Our Own Life When We Share the Message of Hope With Others

It is imperative that we learn to practice the law of forgiveness, because it draws on new life. When we learn to surrender to its foundation, we draw on the power of strength from God, the divine source to expel the old. By holding on to thoughts of unhappiness, guilt, and shame causes inharmony to exist in our lives.  Once new light is born in the conscious, it gives way to old errors; they lose their grasp and fall away. You must learn to accept the falling away of old. The presence of new is the outworking of God’s law in your life.

Survivor Basics

Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.” 

Many PS members identify themselves in meetings by their first name only. The spirit of anonymity is about placing “principles before personalities” and recognizing that no individual Survivor is superior to another, and that individual Survivors do not recover without the program or its spiritual principles.

Initial Beginnings

We value unity and combined effort when it results in tangible repeatable outcomes. This accountability ensures that we accomplish our goals of meeting the needs of the vulnerable among us. There is no more important person than the new-comer in any meeting. We bring restoration to our own lives when we share the message of hope with others.

12 Step Guide to Restoration

This program envisions healthy self-sufficient individuals whose physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met by participating in regular 12-Step meetings, provided by the Purposed Survivor Organization. The Principles instilled by working this program lead dependent people toward economic independence.

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