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Unhackable – Synopsis

George Mansour

Author/ IT Professional

George Mansour has a unique and simplified approach to cybersecurity. As a trusted IT specialist for more than twenty years, he helps clients overcome the debilitating effects of cybersecurity issues. His distinctive methods have allowed him to emerge as an industry leader for individuals and businesses seeking to find a more secure system.

George understands the imminent threat facing anyone connected online. His goal is to empower end-users with the tools to secure their digital assets using proper protocols. He seeks to enhance the validity of his client’s lives, by teaching them the basics of online security. The systems, products, and services he uses are designed to prevent a breach before it happens. Preventative methods are always preferred. It is imperative that users become proactive, because cognitive distortion has taken over our senses. We need a compass to navigate the Internet in real-time, and we need to develop a license agreement with ourselves that isolates our unique, sensitive data.

Unhackable - Your Online Security Playbook

by George Mansour

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